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What documents do I need to rent a scooter 125 cc? 

ID or Passport.
Driving license 
Cash or credit card for the deposit of 300 euro deposit 

How old do I need? 

21 years. 

What kind of meat should be driving? 

A1 drivers license to 125cc bikes or B is validated the car after 3 years experience. 

Do I have insurance? 

Yes, within the metropolitan area. Third Accident Insurance. 

What is included in the rent? 

2 helmets.
Safety Chain.
Roadside Assistance 24h.
Third Accident Insurance. 

What happens if I am late to deliver the motorcycle? 

We are waiting up to 30 minutes. After that time you charge. 

Does the petrol is included? 

We will deliver your Scooter with gasoline and should deliver the same. If not we will charge you 10 euros. 

Are delivery and collection service? 

Yes We have delivery and collection service. Contact us here.